Burned electric motor

Burning due to overload of the electric motor indicates that there was complete combustion of insulation at all stages of the three-phase winding

The electric motor bando products can suffer from a short in your connection. The cause of this problem in the electric motor is caused by a defect of insulation which is caused in a characteristic manner by contamination, abrasion or tension with oscillation.

The short against the frame at the exit of the slot is also a serious problem in the electric motor and the electric motor suffers from it, because there is an insulation fault which is also caused by contamination, abrasion or oscillating voltage.

The short circuit between turns is another common problem to the electric motor and is also caused by contamination, abrasion or oscillating voltage.

When firing the electric motor overload means that there was a complete combustion of insulation at all stages of the three-phase winding. This problem is caused because the electric motor has overrun. When the electric motor suffering with undervoltage and overvoltage, indicates that the electric motor is suffering from the same type of failure.

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Cares with the filter of electric motor

Meet some of the care that must be taken with the filter element that integrates the electric motor

The electric motor should never be put into operation if it is without the filter element or air filter because the electric motor may suffer some damage.

For this reason, the throttle must be placed in the off position. Then, the air filter cover must be removed and the tongues that are on the top cover must be unlocked. Thus, the filter element of the electric motor should be washed carefully way with a solvent that is non-flammable and dry as best as possible.

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After that, simply dip the filter element in the electric motor of the oil must be clean and remove any excess. Only then it is that the filter element must be reinstalled, replace the cap and make sure it is firm and has the two tabs on the top fits properly.

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Electric motor which buy

If you are in doubt about which electric motor model to buy, understand that this is very common and occurs by the fact that there are various models and types. It is common that the customer be in doubt about which one to buy and which will suit your needs, so nothing better than to ask questions with good professionals on the subject.

You must choose which electric motor model that will suit your needs, it is necessary to consider whether you will need a single or three phase model, for example. Other factors should also be seen by the client and the professional you make the sale may be taking questions as needed.


This engine suitable for those who need to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. To purchase the electric motor you may be using the physical or virtual stores, will depend largely on your preference, the options are there to better serve you.

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Cable glands

Cable glands prevents liquids and solids from entering the inside of the electric motor

The construction of the electric motor should follow the rules that determine how the electric motor should be built, how much should have its dimensions, its protection, power and other aspects.

The connection box that is attached to the housing of the electric induction motor must still rely on the cable gland, because it is the cable entries to ensure that the connection box has its input power cables tightly sealed.

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This cable gland is made of high mechanical strength and free from being eroded or even nylon brass. Its interior comprises a rubber ring to prevent solids or liquids from entering inside the electric motor.

The electric motor may have an optional manner the terminal board, because it causes the electric motor has a connection to mains made of safe and perfect way.

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Buy electric motor part

When buying ask the electric motor VL3509 1HP 3450RPM try to make a price research to find the company that offers an affordable value. The parts need to be changed according to the engine operation or damage of the same. So, know that at one time or another will need to purchase these parts.

We have the option to make the purchase of parts through physical stores or through online shops. To choose what is the best, you need to analyze the prices, products, and also forms of payment. All this helps you find what you both want and that fits in your pocket.

Buy parts for electric motor is a simple, but depending on the part you need will be to wait request. This applies to parts that are most unique, because most stores do not have stock for all kinds of parts. Look analyze this issue of stock because it is very important, especially if you are in dire need.

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Electric motor for gates

Electric gates use the electric motor to operate. This evolution was very important and ended up bringing more convenience to users. Today we have many electric motors present in segments as varied that not imagine, and most of them use very often in our daily lives.

An electric motor gates is something very specific, there is a standard to meet this need. The engine does not need to be very strong, even by the way that it will perform is not intense but basic. Therefore, the ideal engine model for this need is that most middle, need not be very complex.

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Once implanted, the motor function is to transform the electrical energy that will get into mechanical energy, in that it manages to move the process or equipment which is present in this case would be at the gate. But this engine can be present in several other segments.

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Who Invented Electric Motor

The electric motor was invented by German Werner von Siemens. This engine came long ago and since then has gained significant changes in recent years. Today there are several different models and applications for this engine can be present and is increasing the use of it.

Like most machines, it also emerged on the basis of experiments and with time has evolved significantly. So much so that today you have models of all kinds and that are critical to the functioning of various industrial processes and also for operating various devices we use with some frequency.

The main types of motors used are single-phase and three-phase. Each is suitable for the type of final application. Their goal is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, all this faster and at the same time most economical way. call us

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